Saturday, May 27, 2023

25 Things That Family Law Attorneys Can and Can’t Do For You

Knowing what your Family Law attorney can and cannot do for you will help you to use them and their services wisely. It will also help you to develop and guide your case in a way that it will reflect the best interest of you and your child. Here are 16 things that your attorney can do:

1. They can suggest and prepare the strategy for your case.

2. Help you to maintain contact with your children.

3. Identify and determine what the real threats from the opposition are and what are the empty threats.

4. Identify which of your concerns are valid and the best way to address them.

5. Educate you about the realities of divorce and custody.

6. Subpoena and Depose witnesses.

7. Advance claims that are in your best interest.

8. Answer communications that are received from the opposing counsel.

9. Argue motions.

10. Answer court communications in the proper manner.

11. Make assessments of challenges and responses.

12. Advise you on changing options.

13. Prepare and present your case at trial.

14. Request a court appointed attorney for your child.

15. Apply his or her experience when dealing with a judge, attorneys or other court experts.

16. Keep your losses down.

With that said, here is a list of things that your attorney cannot do for you:

1. Guarantee the results that you will receive.

2. Punish your ex for all that you have endured.

3. Handle anything that is outside the realm of your agreement.

4. Protect you from the truth.

5. Win custody for you when you are not a good parent.

6. Change the attitude of the court professionals that are involved in your case.

7. Get you everything that you want.

8. Start a legal battle without being paid the initial retainer and prompt payments throughout.

9. Accept anything that you tell them without skepticism.

The important thing for you to remember is that you are in charge of your custody case. It is up to you to use your attorney and other members of your ability. Remember, they are expensive tool. By knowing what they can and cannot do will help to keep your legal expenses down.