Wednesday, May 31, 2023

More Lies, More Money

Juliet was walking home from the market where she went to purchase some items after withdrawing some money from the bank. Someone walked up to her from behind and taped her shoulders. She turned and before her stood a dark-skinned, average-height young man wearing a white-stained shirt with a brown long pant. “My name is Frank. Please, my products just came in and I have to clear it with the customs office; but I don’t have the money to do that. Please can you help me with some money to clear the goods, I will pay you back with interest. Because I have some papers that I usually wash with liquid mercury; and when I wash it, it will give me currencies”; Frank said.

Juliet did not consider the interest; all she was concerned about was how to help the young man out of his predicament with the remaining part of her school fees which she withdrew from the bank, considering how wretched he looked. So she obliged him and the young man took her to a house where he resides, showed her the papers and the liquid mercury and he “washed” the paper for her to see. When she saw how the paper changed to money, she was hopeful that her money would be returned to her. So she handed the money over to him and the guy asked her to wait in the house while he goes out to buy more mercury and wash more papers. After some time, he came back with a big box filled with money in the company of another man whom he introduced as a pastor. He said the pastor had something to tell her. She listened carefully. The pastor gave her an egg and told her to rub it all over her body so that all the filthy things within her will be cleansed and then she should break it. She obeyed as instructed and when she broke the egg, to her surprise, she saw a stone and an insect inside the egg. She was so shocked; all she could think of was how such things came out of her. The pastor also told her, that she has a bright future, but someone is stopping her from progressing, so she needs to sleep with a man to break that yolk.

Frank obliged to sleep with her so that he could help her break the bondage, but she refused and said she will think about it. She was also told to take an oath, not to tell anyone of the meeting, otherwise she would die. Juliet became even more scared and started wondering what she had gotten herself into. And lastly, she was told that the money she is seeing cannot be spent, because of some satanic rings attached it, that if she spends a dime, she will die in 7 days. So she has to give him money to buy some cleaning agents to make the money suitable for spending. But she told him that she has given frank all she had. She was told to go and come while they run around and source for the money to buy the cleansing items; so she left. When she came back, she saw the house was locked; frank and the pastor were nowhere to be found. At first she didn’t think she had been duped. But when she asked people who stayed around there, they told her that they don’t know anyone by that name. That she should be careful with the kind of people she talks to because there is every tendency that she has been duped by fraudsters. She went home frustrated and confused, not knowing what to do, not knowing who to talk to for fear of death. But God so kind, she met nice people who encouraged her to open up and she was free.

Everyone is looking for answers to life and why some things happen. But what I don’t understand is if it is a crime to help people in need. So many fraudsters have ruined the chances of sincere needy people getting help. Even the best is mistaken for the worst and innocent people keeping dying every day because of the mistakes of the guilty. We need to ask God for discerning spirit to tell the difference between the devil coming as an angel of light and the true light of God.